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Make a contribution to the TV Campaign 2020 via Nord

Make a contribution to the TV campaign 2020

On Tuesday, Green Campus, Engage, SOB, Spark and Idé i Nord, in collaboration with the TV campaign 2020, Iris Salten and By North arranged the workshop «Idea workshop - Plastic in the sea». Three good solutions came out of the creative collaboration, which can help solve the plastic problem in the sea. Do you like loose

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Make a contribution to the TV campaign 2020

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14 Oct 2020, 19:00 – 18 Oct 2020, 23:00

Make a contribution to the TV Campaign 2020 via Nord

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Solution 1: Packaging marking a clear, simple and universal marking on all packaging, which tells consumers where the packaging is to be sorted. A product can consist of different types of material that must be sorted differently and bioplastic must be thrown in the residual waste and not in plastic - as many believe. These are just some of the factors that cause waste to be sorted incorrectly. With such labeling, awareness of sorting is increased, there is more recycling of plastic in households and less plastic ends up in the sea. The symbols are in black ink and can be stamped on all surfaces.

Solution 2: Seafall station

Waste from the aquaculture industry is difficult to recycle. A seafall station illustrated in the picture is a floating container that makes it possible to sort the waste directly where the fish production takes place. The container is a mobile module that enables waste management for a simplified, user-friendly and efficient way.

Solution 3: Tau-Me

'Tau-Me' is a circular system for ropes used in the aquaculture industry. The solution consists of a new type of rope that contains small magnets, so that it becomes possible to pick up ropes from the seabed. Fishing boats are equipped with a crane solution with a large magnet to pick up ropes from the seabed. The rope is sent on to the 'rope recycling factory' —with a deposit system that produces new ropes for the aquaculture industry.

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